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Reviews Galore!

So, the game is out and we're taking some time off. Well... not that I fully grasp the whole "time off" concept, but after the release frenzy things are definitely cooling down, so to speak. There's a growing amount of reviews out, gamers play it on Twitch and Youtube, everybody loves the game, it's great! Also, there's this guy from Review Fix who interviewed Simon, check it out!

On Steam tomorrow!

So this is the last day before AFTERGRINDER's launch on Steam. Am I nervous? I slept 3 hours last night. I'm speaking growls and well... I guess I smell funny. I play the game relentlessly, hoping and fearing at the same time to get that f*cking crash that was there all along but never happened to occur until NOW. My daughter walks in my home office, stares at the screen for a couple minutes and then asks in all honesty: "Papa, why did you make a game that you can't play yourself?" …